What is meditation?

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Meditation is the natural birth-right of every human being. When you get the hang of it, meditation is as spontaneous as breathing. With even minimal practice, meditation can make you feel happier and more peaceful.

What are the effects of meditation?

Meditation changes your perspective. The effects will be different for each person. They could include a greater enchantment with the beauty of life, improved self-esteem and a more positive outlook. Meditation makes it easier to change for the better, and strengthens your feeling of oneness with other people. It could also result in spontaneous laughter and other symptoms of deep, unexplained happiness.

What if I already meditate?

Even if you have tried meditation already, you might find a different perspective in our course that you can incorporate into your existing practice. Many people have been able to take their meditation up to a whole new level using the techniques and shortcuts developed by Sri Chinmoy.

Your Mission

Every single person has something unique to achieve here on earth. If you discover your special mission you will be a very fortunate and happy person.

For many people, meditation is a ‘wake-up call’ from their higher self, illuminating the pathway towards boundless possibilities and maximum joy. Meditation can also give you the strength and willpower to make abundant progress in fulfilling your mission.

You can find your unique mission from deep within if you listen carefully to the inner voice. Meditation will make that voice loud and clear.

Improve your Health and Vitality

Meditation is a powerful health-booster. Our practitioners will be happy to share with you how meditation has made them feel younger, make healthier diet and fitness choices, and develop the positive mental attitudes which are essential to good health.

After completing the course, many participants have so much extra energy and confidence that they are inspired to do things like run a marathon, pioneer a new innovation or reveal their hidden musical talents.


Learn Meditation

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Meditation in Other Cities

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