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Welcome to the Wellington Sri Chinmoy Centre. We offer free meditation courses throughout the year approximately every month. Please browse this site to find out more about meditation and our classes. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining a course.

How do I get started?
Simply fill in our contact form. One of our class co-ordinators will then be in touch with you with all the details you need to begin the next free meditation course available.

Do I need to bring anything?
No – just yourself and a sincere willingness for more inner peace and happiness in your life.

I meditate so that my mind cannot complicate my life.

Sri Chinmoy

New Workshop: Learn Meditation

When: Sunday morning, October 9th, 8am – 12 pm       Where: St Andrews on The Terrace, 30 The Terrace, Conference Room 3

Admission Free – You can reserve seating by texting 022 1887432, or simply turn up on the day.

This one evening workshop features guest presenter Jogyata Dallas who studied and practised meditation under spiritual master Sri Chinmoy for many years.  Author, fitness enthusiast and international teacher, Jogyata will be introducing a range of meditation skills and the ABC’s of establishing a successful home practice.


An Interview with Jogyata Dallas, a teacher with the Sri Chinmoy Centre Part 1

Why meditate…what is the purpose?

Jogyata Dallas, a teacher with the Sri Chinmoy CentreWell, we nourish our body every day with food with great regularity, but most of us neglect to take care of some of the deeper aspects of ourselves. Meditation nourishes our mind and our soul and the spiritual aspects of our nature which also need constant attention. These shape our whole life experience. People who are peaceful, for example, are not disturbed by life’s ups and downs, they have an inner calm and poise. And our happiness – most of our efforts at being happy depend upon external things like better jobs, new relationships, material things, travel plans and so forth, but meditation cultivates an inner happiness that no longer depends on these changing outer things at all…keep reading.

Meditation: An Interview with Jogyata Dallas, a teacher with the Sri Chinmoy Centre Part 2

You’re a vegetarian I believe – why?

Sri Chinmoy_Portrait Interview part 2It’s one of those lifestyle changes that can benefit meditators. I became a vegetarian about 40 years ago – it was one of the things  my own teacher Sri Chinmoy requested and encouraged.  The food we eat has some impact on our inner development, a calm mind and healthy body, and in my case I was amazed how much better I felt. I started running about that time as well, marathons, ultras, and as your wellbeing increases you can really measure and feel the effect of diet on your energy and stamina and life force. We’re herbivores, it’s only cultural conditioning that makes eating other animals a usual thing…keep reading.

Finding Sri Chinmoy’s Meditation Path

Muslim meditationAt the beginning, all those years ago, I was not really looking for a spiritual Master or a path. Like most people I knew, I was neither very happy nor unhappy, having just arrived from my hometown of Mumbai, India, eager to fulfill my lifelong dream of an overseas education and an independent life.

In New Zealand a nagging backache had started to bother me and I decided to try hatha yoga as a remedy. I called up a few places in the next week or so but found most of these either too expensive or too far away from home. Slightly dejected I remember walking down the main street in downtown Auckland on the way to my lunch shift – the streets were full of office workers rushing to and fro. I remember walking down the hill when I had the sudden and strange sensation of everything slowing down, as though time was suspended. A smiling face suddenly appeared before me, a young man with leaflets in his hand. Just as I was about to walk past him, something in my head said “take what he is offering”. The next thing I knew I had this bright blue leaflet in my hand, reading it on my way to work.

As luck would have it, it was a free meditation workshop offered by the Sri Chinmoy Centre. I knew it wasn’t the Hatha Yoga that I was looking for, but I intuitively knew of the connection between the body and the spirit and decided to explore this further. When I reflect back on that moment on the street on that long ago day, I can understand the quiet perfection of everything, the role of grace in our lives. In India they say “when the disciple is ready the Master appears” and that is how it was with me. Why was it that I had been given this opportunity to follow a spiritual path? Swami Vivekananda, one of my country’s great spiritual teachers, used to say ‘Those who choose the Infinite have been chosen by the Infinite’. I have stopped questioning the reason behind it, but often offer my gratitude to my Guru for the wonderful years I have been fortunate and privileged to spend on his wonderful path. This poem by Sri Chinmoy expresses my feelings well:

‘Beyond speech and mind, Into the river of ever-effulgent Light My heart dives. Today thousands of doors, closed for millennia Are opened wide.’

Muslim Badami


The Olympics: Towards a Oneness-World

The Olympic Games are here. Beginning August 5th with the opening ceremony in the legendary Maracanã Stadium in Rio, 306 medal events are being contested across the 42 Olympic sports disciplines. It’s potentially a wonderful time when athletes from 207 countries and audiences from virtually every country on our planet come together in a spirit of friendly competition, forming bonds of friendship that can unite us in a way almost without parallel. …keep reading.

Sri Chinmoy birds paiting


She comes in every morning around 3:30 am, the holy hour, for her early three hours of meditation. She is quiet as a falling feather but the old wooden floorboards and creaking joists betray her, creak and sigh as she passes my room. In her hour long walking meditations, her slow circling shuffle around the great room, she claps her hands together just once when thoughts come, …keep reading


Campfire Memories

In that brutal bad New Zealand winter of 2002 the worst storm ever recorded charged across the central North Island mountains, burying the forests in meters of snow and sending the few humans crazy enough to be out there in that onslaught fleeing for lonely mountain huts. … keep reading

Aphorism card

Silent Teachings

“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we may as well dance..” Old Japanese proverb

My mid-60’s birthday is upon me, and with it comes that rather thoughtful and introspective feeling that often accompanies these milestone occasions. … keep reading

The Enlightenment Stone

She had always been moved and deeply touched by her Teacher’s comments about the spiritual value of giving, and at some heartfelt and intuitive level felt that she really understood what this meant and how it worked in that preternatural inner world where everything connected, the giving that enabled receiving, of love deepened by desirelessness, the happiness she had known in penury, … keep reading

An Irish Pilgrimage

I recently had the good fortune to visit Ireland with a group of musicians. Inspired by earlier pilgrimages to Iceland, Scotland, Myanmar and other world locations steeped in spiritual history, Oneness-Dream – our a cappella troupe of singers – recently toured and performed in the southern counties of Ireland… keep reading

Sri Chinmoy

Happy Rain

“Over the years” Sri Chinmoy once said, “ I have been to a number of countries that follow the teachings of the Lord Buddha, but here in Myanmar I feel that Lord Buddha has a very, very special eye of compassion and a very, very special heart of universal love. Myanmar I feel has a most special place in the heart of Lord Buddha. The depth of silence, the beauty of simplicity and the hunger for life’s perfection… keep reading

Aphorism card My ego talks. My humility acts

The Arrival of Summer

Holidays are coming, and soon our centre family will vanish away to relatives in hometowns, to gatherings down-country in small coastal villages, settlements where an uncle owns a seaside bach, an odd ritual here like some seasonal homing instinct, a migratory impulse honed through childhoods of summers…keep reading

Aphorism card Meditation

About Meditation

One of the recurring themes in the writings and legacies of the great spiritual teachers all the way down through time is the accent they each place on the preciousness of a human incarnation, especially one in which there is some kind of spiritual awakening. One of India’s teachers spoke of only three real miracles – … keep reading


Requests to God

We were at an inter-faith event in Auckland and the master of ceremonies, an eloquent church minister evidently inspired by his own words, was invoking God’s blessings on those assembled for an interminably long time. I wondered to myself if God, too, ever suffered from impatience… keep reading


Some Meditation Secrets: Part 1

In the great task of finding happiness and peace through meditation, there are some simple, useful things to keep in mind. Some of these are mentioned here: Don’t be too concerned with finding the right technique in meditation. Spiritual master Sri Chinmoy once commented that our own souls are our best teacher … keep reading

Aphorism card happiness

Some Meditation Secrets: Part 2

  1. Feel gratitude at the very beginning of your meditation practise. This will remind you that you have reached a very special time in your evolution, and that you are awakening, that there is a quiet perfection behind your life that is giving you this special opportunity. You are among a tiny percentage of humanity opening up to a new consciousness – …  keep reading

At the Concert

After a lifetime of travel and lifelong encounters with many great human beings – our path took us to so many places, to encounters with so many people – it is a truism for me to say that Sri Chinmoy was, by a very great distance, the greatest person I have ever met. Even after my own 30 years of examining him he was always far over the horizons of my comprehension – and what I could comprehend was always wonderful… keep reading

Irish Jerpoint Abbey

Notes From Some Travels in Iceland

Recently a group of musician-friends, some from New Zealand, gathered in Reykjavik to begin a musical tour, singing Sri Chinmoy’s songs in churches and old ruins throughout the heartland of this impressive nation………

If you were to try to paint eternity, these landscapes of Iceland would inspire you.  …keep reading